Statistical Consultancy

Figure It Out offers three distinct areas of consultancy expertise:
  • Statistical Advice - we will help you specify and focus upon the real questions you want answered, relate them to your data, and identify the appropriate analyses required to answer them.
  • Data Management - we can help you to create, document and arrange your data in an apporopriate form for the statistical analysis you wish to carry out. More about the importance of this stage here.
  • Statistical Analysis - having identified the appropriate analyses and with the data in an appropriate form, we can carry out them out for you, and write up the results in an easily understandable jargon-free style.

    With a decade of experience providing statistical analyses for a wide variety of academic, public sector and private sector clients we are perfectly placed to help you 'figure it out'!

    If you are interested in any of the types of support and expertise listed above, feel free to contact us; usually we have an initial (free) phone conversation to discuss what you'd like to get from the consultation process, and enable us to get an idea of your data and your aims. Our hourly consultancy rates range from 85.00 to 120.00 UK pounds per hour dependent on the expertise required and the nature of the work.

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